Tex Crick - Sweet Dreamin' LP


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Sweet Dreamin’, the sophomore album by Tex Crick, serves as a natural progression from his previous release, 'Live In… New York City', which debuted in 2021 on Mac's Record Label.

Tex dives deeper into themes of love and sentiment, blending heartfelt and introspective lyrics with captivating dreamlike narratives, in line with the album's title.

Recorded in the confines of his Tokyo attic studio, Crick’s versatility as a story-teller & multi-instrumentalist radiates throughout the entirety of Sweet Dreamin’.

1. Easy Keepers
2. Silly Little Things
3. Alley Cat
4. Mulberry Wine
5. On The Run
6. All I'm Dreaming Of
7. Drifting Off Again
8. Barefoot Blues
9. Spring Fever

Limited to 4 per customer.