Give A Damn Natural Wine LP


Ships on: July 25, 2024

Looking to showcase her growth as an artist, Farewell’s new album, staunchly titled Give A Damn Natural Wine, signifies a notable shift for the artist. Lyrically mature, personal and sincere, the album marks a departure from Farewell's days of a youthful musician crafting pop songs to that of a stoic, unflinching storyteller guiding her audience along an existential tour.

Entirely self-written and produced from her Los Angeles apartment, Give A Damn
delves into emotional complexity, insecurity and attachment. “I needed to embrace vulnerability in order to meet my deeper self," Farewell explains. "These songs came from a real place."

1. Intro (Remember Me)
2. Semi Auto
3. Make Me
4. Push It
5. Textbook
6. Isn't It Strange
7. Tern Me On
8. Luxury Hellscape
9. Love Ya Like Me
10. Always There

Please Note: Vinyl color may vary from mock-up.

Limited to 4 per customer.