Vicky Farewell - Sweet Company Standard Color LP


Ships on: June 18, 2024

Vicky Farewell is an Orange County-bred multi-hyphenate penning the hybridized contemporary pop that she never could have dreamt until she began to create it herself. A freak of nature by music industry standards, Farewell is a classically-trained pianist, songwriter and sideman cum producer with the rare combination of elite musicianship and singular vocal performance. Graduating from conservatory and a stint on the jazz circuit, Vicky Farewell flourished at the epicenter of the funk-addled Angeleno musical ecosystem alongside The Free Nationals in the studios of Shafiq Husayn (of Sa-Ra Creative Partners) and Dr. Dre. She counts Anderson .Paak and Mac DeMarco amongst her chief supporters; Farewell is signed to DeMarco's upstart imprint Mac's Record Label and boasts writing credits on .Paak's acclaimed GRAMMY-nominated album Malibu (Best Urban Contemporary Album) and the GRAMMY-winning album Ventura (Best R&B Album). It was at the urging of these giants, that Vicky Farewell would find her sound and ultimately her own voice. Her dreamy, glassine aesthetic encapsulates a musical youth entrenched in the catalogs of Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, The Cardigans and the Rushmorian boy bands of the early-aughts. Tapping into those attributes, Farewell recorded her forthcoming solo debut Sweet Company during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The self-produced, arranged and engineered album is a testament to Vicky Farewell’s knack for penning pocket-driven ear worms that match melancholy with unbridled joy. The forthcoming release finds her realized for the first time in the span of eight tracks that are painstakingly designed to disrupt the idea that women are incapable of commanding the studio and the stage. Vicky Farewell is the woman that can do it all.


1. Prelude
2. Sweet Company
3. Kakashi (All of the Time)
4. Believe Me
5. Are We OK?
6. H.W.
7. Forever
8. Get Me

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